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Eggs for the Hunting
Eggs for the HuntingReg Down


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Spring is full of life and life is full of eggs, all sorts of eggs: great cosmic eggs and tiny butterfly eggs, salmon eggs and bird eggs, rabbit eggs and special eggs being gilded and painted by two gnomes called Pine Cone and Pepper Pot. They have been told (gossiped, to be correct) that Farmer John's children, Tom and June, are going to give them special eggs for Easter, and they decide to reciprocate. However, if you are a gnome, a small gnome, even if you are two small gnomes, then the simplest of tasks (such as finding a bird who does not mind giving you a couple of eggs) can be a problem...!!!

Woven into the fabric of the book are many tales, myths and legends: Pepper Pot reads the history of King Karnac and The Turning of Time, Madam Two-Pecks tells her chicks how the universe was created from the World Egg, and the Wise Salmon in Running River tells the fingerlings about the great cycle, the Egg of Life. ``Eggs for the Hunting`` is a spring tale, a wonder tale, affirming the joy, humor and mystery of life.

If you aren't a ``Tiptoes fan`` yet, ``Eggs for the Hunting,`` the seventh book in the Tiptoes Tales, is a great place to start. It's a wonderful book for young children, highly imaginative and utterly entertaining.

Author: Reg Down

Publisher: Lightly Press
ISBN: 9781470030018
Age Range: 6 - 10 years
Language: English

Price per copy: $30.00

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